The Home Secretary, Priti Patel recently stated at the Tory party conference that critics of her plans to limit the arrival of asylum seekers are in league with criminals, defending the indefensible.  

Perhaps the Home Secretary was trying to win support from core voters, backbenchers and the rightwing press to take over from the PM or perhaps she is worried about the return of Nigel Farage. Whatever her motives, this dangerous rhetoric, past and present, led to criticism from the legal profession and a brutal attack on a law firm where one staff member was injured and the life of an immigration lawyer was threatened.

The Home Secretary should be careful about inciting hatred, and should learn lessons from the past.  But until then, all the do-gooders, leftie and activist lawyers, should stand back and stand by, because your country needs you, now more than ever, to carry on doing the work you are doing, and more of it.