As part of their Fashion Revolution Week, Fashion Revolution have released their 5th annual Fashion Transparency Index. The overall message is one of gradual progress; we've picked out 5 key findings.

1. Progress is slow but steady. The overall average score across the brands reviewed is 23%. Though this may seem low, the number has been consistently creeping up in the last few years.

2. Engagement is increasing. This year saw 50 additional brands being reviewed and 53% of brands included engaged with Fashion Revolution. New brands include e-retailers such as Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing.

3. Intention is ahead of implementation. The average score for policy and commitments was 52%, miles ahead of traceability at 16%. This demonstrates that the intention to change is present but that brands need time and help to implement change to their existing systems and contracts.

4. Luxury brands are engaging. Ermengildo Zegna is a top mover since 2019; a result of being the first luxury brand to publish a detailed supplier list. Gucci have also spearheaded development; increasing their score from 40% to 48% in the last year to become the highest scoring luxury brand.

5. Transparency and a global pandemic. With stories about dumped orders resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak abounding, it is more important than ever that brands rebuild and maintain the trust of their customers by being transparent about production locations and their supply chains.  

If you have any questions about how we can help your brand as it transforms please get in touch with our retail team.