Companies House is allowing companies to apply for a 3-month extension for filing their accounts to allow them to prioritise managing the impact of Coronavirus on their day-to-day operations and not incur a late filing penalty.

Applications are to be made online - taking 15 minutes to complete - and those business citing "COVID-19" or "Health" matters as grounds for their application will automatically and immediately be granted an extension. The application can be found here.

The details you'll need for the application are:

  •  your company number;
  • information on why you need more time; and
  • any documents in support of your application (optional).

Companies House advises that you should not delay the filing of your accounts until you have received confirmation that your extension has been accepted.

The extension will not change the due date for future accounts.

Companies that have already extended their filing deadline, or shortened their accounting reference period, may not be eligible for an extension. For those companies whose accounts are already overdue (or do not apply for an extension), the usual automatic penalty will be imposed as Companies House has very limited discretion not to collect a penalty.