As we move to home working and schooling for the forseeable future, we are reminded more than ever of the importance of the UK's mobile and fibre coverage.

Ofcom, the communications regulator, has announced today that, with immediate effect, it is suspending all existing consultation deadlines and information requests and putting on hold new consultations, decisions and information requests.  It has stated: “We understand that the implementation of new obligations may need to be delayed. Specifically, we are discussing with Government the implementation deadlines of the European Electronic Communications Code."

It also warned: 'We need to ensure markets operate with integrity, and measures to ensure fairness for customers remain important. Accuracy in broadcasting is essential, and we will expedite any standards enforcement cases involving potentially harmful broadcast content relating to the coronavirus."

In relation to its plan of work for 20/21 it has said that it will publish a revised plan at the end of April with revised timeframes.

Head to the Ofcom website for the statement.

This pause by Ofcom will allow operators to focus on business critical issues, although the need for the UK and in turn, Ofcom, to provide a regulatory environment and market conditions that support infrastructure investment and connectivity for all has never been greater.