The UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) has confirmed that it is business as usual at present due to its working from home capabilities. 

The only area currently impacted is the hearings service. In this regard, there will be no further physical hearings until 1 June 2020 (date to be kept under review). Telephone hearings will continue as usual.

Additionally, on 11 March 2020, the UK IPO announced that:

  • it would extend time periods where national and international legislation allows;
  • it will consider requests for extensions of time as favourably as possible on a case-by-case basis; and
  • if rights are lost because of failure to meet a time period, it may be possible to reinstate or restore those rights depending on the circumstances

Accordingly, we recommend that all deadlines are treated as valid. If you have any issues meeting such deadlines, please do contact us and we will advise on how to overcome these issues.