The fast-paced nature of digital health technology means that there is also a desire (and need) to protect IP as quickly as possible.

This goes against the previous (and current) attitude of big pharmaceutical / health care companies who are generally used to the slow pace of patents, which can take many years to register.

Now, they are dealing with quick and slick digital health software products that focus on trade mark and design protection only, which (territory dependent) register in months, not years.

The world of digital health technology is ‘re-educating’ the general health care sector and those that do not act fast will quickly be left behind.

When looking at trade marks and designs there are several issues that must be considered to ensure that brands and products register swiftly and effectively, and Kemp Little can help you navigate through these:

1) brand names / designs

2) clearance searches

3) filing

4) maintenance

5) monitoring

6) enforcement

7) licensing

8) any future changes

For full details regarding these issues, please see