Although this might seem quite funny, it is another reminder that brand owners need to be careful when issuing cease and desist letters and trying to prevent unauthorised use (even if they are justified in doing so). 

Given the global reach of social media, those that feel aggrieved are more likely than ever to ensure that the world knows. This can result in backlash against the rightful brand owner! 

It's difficult to know what Joe Lycett (sorry, Hugo Boss) intends to do with his new name. However, if he intends to start trading under Hugo Boss, the own name defence (Section 11(2)(a) of the 1994 UK Trade Marks Act) will only apply if such use is in accordance with honest practices in industrial and commercial matters. 

On this note, we also wonder whether the new Hugo Boss, is behind the UK trade mark application for "Boss La Cease en Desiste" covering inter alia "bandages"...