If you believe the love of your life is waiting for you on Facebook I’ve got bad news for you, as Facebook has postponed the launch of a dating feature in the UK and EU. Yes it’s that pesky GDPR again.

What’s interesting about this spat/postponement is the differing aspects being talked about by the two sides. The Irish Data Protection Commisioner (DPC) came calling after it says there were told about the feature only 10 days before launch. Facebook says that all the paperwork was done and “shared it when asked”. Now this is important because core element of the paperwork in question appears to be a Data Protection Impact Assessment. This is where a Data Controller has to review “high risk” processing to ensure the dangers of it are understood and where possible mitigated. There is a provision for “prior consultation” with the Regulator, but most in the industry had seen this as a backstop measure if you weren’t able to mitigate the risks.

So how this pans out may have ramifications beyond people’s future love-lives. If the requirement to “share” with the regulator is broader than we realised this will have resourcing implications for many industries and the regulators themselves.

Whatever the outcome of this inquiry it’s clear that Facebook needs to do more to rekindle the romance with the DPC before it can do the same for its lonely users.