Last month Kemp Little was inducted into the world of MADFest 2019 and we came away with some great insights. Here are the headlines of what we heard at some of the key talks…

Burger King: Reinventing a legacy brand. Did you know that 17 April 2019 was Whopper Day? Customers found out when they got free whoppers at Burger King whether they’d ordered them or not. An unusual and effective marketing tactic that has brought Burger King back in into public awareness.

Attention Mobile. Research based on data from eye-tracking camera technology has found that people are good at avoiding looking at adverts. However, when it comes to the adverts that people do look at Lumen have also found that banner adverts on websites like Grazia Daily and Ladbible are much more successful than those on shopping sites like ebay.

Man v Machine. The quality of your datais more valuable than the quantity of data. Having reams of personal data also carries risk – is it time for a clear out?

Personalisation is dead: Long live personalisation! Are you outgoing? Here’s one way you might be able to tell: outgoing people have been found to be more drawn to photographs of products where those photographs also feature people.

The Avon competition. In an ever increasingly connected world, more and more people are keeping their connections offline: this is where 93% of customer referrals happen.

AI & paid social. A slipper brand, Mahabis, have found that photographs of unboxing products can boost sales of the same products more than other photographs and that videos engage consumers but stills are more likely to convert into purchases.

Three Conclusions From 287,000 Opinions on Mobile Marketing. The GDPR is not as well understood as we might think; 37% of respondents in research conducted by Ogury said that they didn’t know what the GDPR is.