We all love a good deal but at what cost to the environment? 

This year Black Friday comes at a time when sustainability and conscious consumerism are hot topics in the retail industry. The fashion industry produces 20% of global wastewater and 10% of global carbon emissions - more than all international flights and maritime shipping, according to the UN Environment Assembly. 

Deep discounting on days like Black Friday encourages shoppers to make impulse purchases fuelling unnecessary overconsumption. Whilst increased sales benefit retailers, they are later hit with a spike in returns which cost the UK retail industry £362m last year. 

Despite predictions, UK retailers benefitted from "outstanding" Black Friday sales figures this year, but which retailers decided to opt out of this buzz in favour of sending a message about their environmental stance? 

Allbirds - the sustainable footwear brand emptied its flagship store at Seven Dials in favour of hosting creative workshops to encourage more conscious consumerism.

Patagonia - the outdoor brand pledged to match any donation made on its website during Black Friday weekend. 

Deciem - the online cosmetic brand is offering a 23% discount for the whole month (except for Black Friday).

With brands now starting to encourage consumers to consume more responsibly and make more meaningful purchases, it will be interesting to see retailers' approach to Black Friday next year. The question is, will they want to #makefridaygreenagain?