As consumers become more cost and environmentally conscious, it's no surprise that the luxury resale market is booming! Further, with research suggesting that the luxury resale market can in fact result in advantages for the primary luxury market (including, customers being more likely to make a pricey purchase and spending more on luxury items, knowing they have a resale market) it seems a key opportunity area for luxury brands and resale companies alike.

However, where a non-brand owner is reselling goods, there are increased risks including in relation to the exhaustion of trade mark rights (i.e. has the brand owner put those goods on the market in the territory in which your selling or could this be a parallel import) and how you will verify the authenticity of the goods being sold (in order to avoid counterfeiting claims). Although, as is often the case, it usually comes down to due diligence and your appetite for risk. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss further.