E-Signature: Law Commission Report on Electornic Execution

The Law Commission has recently published an excellent synopsis of the current state of play for e-Signatures in England and Wales - and some future recommendations.  

The reality has for some time been that e-signatures typically work for a number of different documents requiring execution in England and Wales.  However, there  remains a surprisingly strong undercurrent of distrust and uncertainty over e-signatures - which this report can help to remove.  

Key parts include:

  • A summary of the formalities required for various contracts (para 2.10)
  • A discussion of the evidential weight of electronic signatures (paras 2.27 – 2.32)
  • A summary of the attitudes of various registries to electronic signature e.g. Companies House, IPO, HMLR (paras 2.63 – 2.71)

An ace* read for anyone who is contemplating how e-signatures can be used in their organisation.

* of base